Creative Writing & Expressions for Students

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This course on creative writing aims to ignite students’ creative fire, providing them with opportunities to explore different art forms, develop their personal voice, and confidently express themselves. Each module offers a combination of hands-on activities, exploration sessions, and reflective exercises to nurture their creative spirit.

Module 1: Finding Your Creative Writing Spark

  • Sensory scavenger hunt: Blindfolded students embark on a sensory adventure, collecting textures, sounds, and smells to inspire creative creations.
  • “What if?” brainstorming: Students play with hypothetical scenarios, sparking wild ideas and breaking creative boundaries.
  • Emotion collages: Students use magazine clippings and found objects to visually represent different emotions, exploring the connection between creativity and inner feelings.

2 Module 2: Exploring the Spectrum of Arts

  • Visual arts: Clay sculpting, watercolor painting, mixed media collage – students experiment with different materials and techniques, creating unique visual expressions.
  • Dramatic arts: Character improvisation, storytelling exercises, short play creation – students explore their inner actor, learning to embody different roles and tell stories through performance.
  • Musical arts: Rhythm games, instrument exploration, sound composition – students discover the power of music, creating soundscapes and melodies both individually and collaboratively.

Module 3: Unlocking the Power of Words

  • Poetry slam workshop: Students learn slam poetry techniques, writing and performing their own original pieces in a supportive environment.
  • Creative writing prompts: Dive into imaginative scenarios, writing from different perspectives and experimenting with language styles.
  • Storytelling circle: Students share original stories or folktales, fostering active listening and appreciation for diverse narratives.

Module 4: Collaborating for Creative Writing Magic

  • Community mural project: Students work together to design and paint a mural reflecting their shared experiences and creativity.
  • Improvisational music jam: Musicians of all levels come together to create spontaneous music, learning to listen and build on each other’s ideas.
  • “Chain story” writing: Students take turns adding sentences to a collaborative story, witnessing how collaboration can create unexpected narratives.

5Module 5: Creative Writing is Sharing Your Artistic Voice

  • Open mic night: Students showcase their creative talents in a supportive environment, celebrating their individual expressions.
  • Art exhibition: Students curate their own art exhibit, preparing works for display and sharing their artistic visions with the wider community.
  • Creative journal creation: Students document their creative writing journey through writing, drawings, and sketches, reflecting on their growth and discoveries.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Explore the creative spark in you.

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