Flag and Anthem of Elizquidana

Elizquidana is a magical land. Even though it\’s not an official country, they still have a flag and an anthem. And they already have a currency called Monetwo and an economy named Prospera. And if you have not read an intro by TukAI, it\’s time you visit this link

The flag of Elizquidana has a book and a quill. The book represents what you can read as well as write as in a practice book. The quill is to write, paint or draw. The colors are bright and lively and cheerful.

Elizquidana Flag!


Once you are a member of the Elizquidana Club, you can also design a flag for us. Or maybe suggest improvements. Bing Chat did suggest a lot of ideas, Thanks

The Elizquidana Anthem

Elizquidana, as you would guess by now, is a place away from the stress and worries of the world. You can only be creative when you are relaxed.

Once you\’re relaxed, there are two qualities that we look for. It\’s about how funny you are and how kind you are.

So, the title of the anthem is, Stay Kind, Stay Funny.

Stay Kind, Stay Funny
Stay Kind, Stay Funny.

It\’s a world where even the birds are angry.

Stay Kind, Stay Funny.

It\’s a world where there is a business making billions by connecting friends,

Stay Kind, Stay Funny

It\’s a world where the monsters are taking control, Shadowy giants that devour our soul.

Stay Kind, Stay Funny!

It\’s a world where information is organized, religion is organized. Wisdom is not.

Stay kind, stay funny.

It\’s a world of frenzy. And chaos. And quantum dynamics.

Stay Kind, Stay Funny.

So, what are your comments on the flag and the anthem? We would be so happy to host you at Elizquidana where you would be at your creative best. You\’ll be kind and you\’ll remeber your sense of humour.

How do you reach us? Well, it\’s all in your mind! Or say, it\’s in your hands to reach us. Discover the password to reach us.


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