Parents are role models for their Kids

The biggest impact for a child’s learning journey comes from the parents.

Another research says that 70% adult kids having mental health problems have issues with their parents.

So, it’s time parents improve their knowledge & skills to handle their kids learning journey.

Parents’ using a LMS sets an example for their kids. So there is a need to design a life skills course for parents.

UpCurious helps the parents core skills like thinking (critical & creative thinking, problem solving, decision making), emotional skills (self-awareness, coping with emotions and stress, empathy), social skills (communication, relationships) and other life skills (time management, money management, etc)

Stay tuned and learn more about the H2O project

Happy Holidays to Parents

The holiday assignment given by a school in Chennai to its children is going viral all over the world.

The reason is simply that it has been designed very thoughtfully. Reading this makes one realize where we have actually arrived and what are we giving to our children? Annai Violet Matriculation and Higher Secondary School has given homework not for children but for parents, which every parent should read.

School’s Message to Parents:

We enjoyed taking care of your children for the last 10 months. You must have noticed that they love coming to school. The next two months will be spent with their natural protector i.e. you. We are giving you some tips so that this time proves useful and happy for them.

  • Eat meals with your children at least twice. Tell them about the importance of farmers and their hard work. And tell them not to waste their food.
  • Let them wash their own plates after eating. Through such works, children will understand the value of hard work.
  • Let them help you cook with you. Let them prepare vegetables or salad for them.
  • Go to three neighbors’ houses. Learn more about them and grow closer.
  • Go to grandparents’ house and let them mingle with the children. Their love and emotional support is very important for your children. Take pictures with them.
  • Take them to your work place so that they can understand how hard you work for the family.
  • Don’t miss any local festival or local market.
  • Motivate your children to sow seeds to create a kitchen garden. Knowing about trees and plants is also important for the development of your child.
  • Tell children about your childhood and your family history.
  • Let your children go out and play, let them get hurt, let them get dirty. It is good for them to fall occasionally and endure pain. A life of comfort like sofa cushions will make your children lazy.
  • Let them keep any pet like dog, cat, bird or fish.
  • Play them some folk songs.
  • Bring some story books with colorful pictures for your children.
  • Keep your children away from TV, mobile phones, computers and electronic gadgets. He has spent his whole life for all this.
  • Avoid giving them chocolates, jellies, cream cakes, chips, aerated drinks and bakery products like puffs and fried foods like samosas.
  • Look into the eyes of your children and thank God for giving you such a wonderful gift. In the coming few years from now, they will be at new heights.

As a parent, it is important that you give your time to your children.


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  1. […] Practice self-compassion: Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your progress, even if it feels slow. Remember, you have such an impact on your child’s learning journey. […]

  2. […] Practice self-compassion: Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your progress, even if it feels slow. Remember, you have such an impact on your child’s learning journey. […]

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