Meet Zalor: The Angry & Miserable Monster\’s Story

Taiwo told me about this monster in Elizquidana. Yes, there are monsters in Elizquidana! Monsters are everywhere! But they are the good friendly monsters who are friends of Taiwo. Here\'s the story of the monster Zalor in his own words.

My name is Zalor. I’m a monster.

I was an angry & miserable being that felt bitterness and had given up on happiness and love. I was lonely and isolated and felt abandoned and betrayed by people around him. (Until I met Taiwo, ofcourse. But right now I tell you about my past. PS: Now and Past, together sounds funny, right!)

Hello you, here\’s my story of my past.

I live as a parasite in you and I eat you. I feed off your emotions and thoughts

You try to throw me out and I come back with more strength.

You try to kill or suppress me, I can withstand you easily. I vanish for some time and come back stronger.

Whenever you attempt to rid yourself of me, I return with even greater strength. Your attempts to eliminate or suppress me prove futile. I may vanish for a while, but I always come back, resurfacing with increased power.


Do you want to know how I came to you in the first place? I was not born with you.

How I was born?

My seeds came when you as a little child were hungry for attention and everyone around were busy in their own worlds. You were just a little child and you took that as being abandoned. So my seeds of being isolated and abandoned took birth in you as me.

As a little child, you wanted love and attention and you got bullied by a stranger. That feeling of not being protected took shape in giving up on happiness and love.

So, I was not born within you; rather, my seeds were planted when you were just a vulnerable, hungry child craving attention. Unfortunately, the people around you were preoccupied with their own lives, leaving you with a sense of abandonment. It was during this time that the seeds of isolation and feeling forsaken took root within you, eventually manifesting as my presence.

The lack of protection you experienced at being bullied contributed to your decision to renounce happiness and love altogether.

Now, as you have grown older, I too have matured alongside you. You cannot simply eliminate me or cast me aside.
How to Protect yourself from me?

The only thing you can do to protect yourself from me is to stop calling me a monster.

Accept me as a friend. Give me attention and compassion. The same attention that you could have got as a child but didn’t get.

Instead of bullying me and trying to throw me out, send out feeling of unconditional acceptance and love for me. Again, you have to go against your own experience of being bullied as a child.

Perhaps the only way to be friends with me is to change your reactions to the experiences of childhood.

Extend to me the attention and compassion that you yearned for as a child but did not receive. Forging a friendship with me contradicts your own experiences of being bullied, but it is the key. Rather than attempting to bully me or forcibly remove me, send forth feelings of unconditional acceptance and love.

Can you embrace the paradoxical notion that changing your reactions to childhood experiences can establish a bond of friendship with me.

The benefits of being friends and kind to each other!

Once we’re friends, I’ll stop eating you. In fact I can give you energy to change the world. Once we become friends, I will no longer devour your energy. In fact, I can provide you with the energy needed to effect positive change in the world.

Try me! Take a chance on me, and together, we can transform your life and make a difference.

So how did you like Zalor\’s story? Taiwo tells me that there are countless Zalors just like the countless humans. These countless monsters are unique and different from each other just like we humans.

Perhaps your monster could be a little unique and different too. Do you want to tell the story of your monster?

Please comment below and let\’s be friendly and kind!


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