My Writers Manifesto: Values & Commitment

Do you have your personal writers manifesto? What is a writers manifesto and why should you bother knowing! Well, bear with me for a minute while I explain.

The dream you had last night was a unique dream. Nobody in the 8 billion world saw that dream other than you! Yes, there\’s something special about you. And you need to share that special gift with people around if it enriches their life.
So, what\’s your special talent? Each one of us has a book hidden in them.

writers manifesto

What is a writers manifesto?

A Writer\’s Manifesto is a document that outlines your goals as a writer, your values, and your commitment to your craft. It can be a powerful tool for staying focused and motivated.

To create your own Writer\’s Manifesto, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What do I want to achieve as a writer?
  • What are my values as a writer?
  • What am I committed to as a writer?

Why we need a writers manifesto?

We all have a book that only we can write. But we\’re not sure about our gifts and we just can\’t seem to find the time or the focus to make it happen.

Many people have a book they want to write, but they never seem to get around to it. They can\’t find a way to clear away all of the distractions and focus on their writing. That\’s where a Writer\’s Manifesto comes in.

The writers manifesto can get you started on this amazing journey of discovering yourself and your gifts.

I also encourage you to join the Elizquidana club of writers. Together we can write our personalized Writer\’s Manifestos. The club members can be your accountability partners, and offer other resources to help you achieve your writing goals.

Together, we can make our writing dreams a reality.

Get your Personalized Writers Manifesto

Join us today and ask for your personalized Writer\’s Manifesto and start writing your book!


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