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A lot can happen over a good book. You can explore the world, create a book club, write book summaries and showcase your creative writing skills.

From-To: Rs 49-499*

Life Skills Courses

Participate in activities, individual and group activities, that will help you learn Curiosity-Collaboration-Communication-Creativity-Confidence. And money skills too.

From-To: Rs 99-999*

Beejvan Programs

Hand-Head-Heart Offsite

You will do activities, projects and challenges that will help you make a connect between your hands, head and heart! And discover yourself!

From-To: Rs. 499-4999*

* Curious about the charges?

In Gurukul times, Education was free and accompanied by a Guru-Dakshina at the end.

In modern times of profit (commercials) and non-profits (donations/charity), we have to find the right balance.

Let’s make UpCurious sustainable by having a sliding scale of charges.

Why Love UpCurious?

Curiosity makes you lively and joyful. Curiosity is the way to learn and grow.

We have an extensive experience of being curious and joyful. The participants and members of our Library give us 5 star ratings.
We help you open your wings and you get personalized support from fellow travellers.

Extensive Experience

Open Your Wings

5 Star Rating

Personalized Support

The Energy Playbook, A Playbook on Channeling Energy & Building Life Skills.