Resources for Parents & Teachers

There are many resources for parents and teachers on education and learning. There are examples of alternative education, homeschooling and book recommendation on parenting and teaching.

Let’s start with Power Parents dashboard of useful links. These are links that have been shared by parents to upgrade their own parenting journey.

Upcurious Lab


Alternative Education

Here’s a list of alternative education schools. This is a google document, organised city wise for you to explore in your own time!

Home Schooling

Here’s a list of articles on home schooling.

Book Recommendations on Education

Here’s links to some must-read books on education and learning.

  • Parenting’ won’t make children learn – but caring parents let children learn by creating a secure, loving environment. The book, The Gardener and the Carpenter is a book all parents must read.
  • Bad Therapy: Why the Kids aren’t growing by Abigail Shrier:

Education Tools

We will update this resource page regularly.

Please suggest good education and learning resources that we can put up here.

Please share with parents and teachers. Parents and Teachers have to come together to help students be emotionally and physically resilient in today’s world. Let’s help students with their own H2O projects Club, a safe and nuturing environment for learning and growth.

h2o project

The Energy Playbook, A Playbook on Channeling Energy & Building Life Skills.