Social and Emotional Skills Learning Activities for Teenagers

It makes sense to be socially adept and emotionally resilient in the world we live in. But how to be aware of our present capacity and how to improve that capacity is a big question. There are activities that can help us improve our social and emotional skills.

We bring some ideas on role play, group discussions, activities and reading recommendations. At the end we have some very interesting writing prompts to get you started. Here we go:

Role Plays:

  • Conflict Resolution: Divide students into pairs and assign roles in scenarios like friends disagreeing about study habits, family arguments over chores, or neighbor disputes. Encourage negotiation, empathy, and compromise to reach solutions.
  • Social Media Dilemmas: Create scenarios involving online bullying, inappropriate content sharing, or privacy concerns. Students role-play different perspectives and discuss responsible online behavior, digital citizenship, and ethical decision-making.
  • Career Crossroads: Assign roles like an undecided student, supportive parents, and career counselors. Students explore different career options, discuss overcoming challenges, and navigate the decision-making process with self-awareness and future goals in mind.
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Group Discussions:

  • Media Representations: Discuss how movies, TV shows, and social media portray different identities, cultures, and social issues. Encourage critical thinking about stereotypes, biases, and promoting positive representation.
  • Stress Management Techniques: Brainstorm healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with academic pressure, peer relationships, and personal challenges. Share personal experiences and explore techniques like mindfulness, exercise, and open communication.
  • Building Resilience: Discuss challenges faced by teenagers like academic setbacks, relationship conflicts, and social pressures. Share personal experiences and strategies for bouncing back, developing resilience, and finding support systems.


  • Create a \”Feelings Wheel\”: Individually or in groups, design a wheel with different emotions and triggers. Discuss situations that evoke specific emotions and explore healthy ways to express and manage them.
  • Vision Board Workshop: Encourage students to visualize their future goals, aspirations, and values. Provide materials like magazines, pictures, and quotes to create personal vision boards that represent their dreams and aspirations.
  • Gratitude Journaling: Encourage daily journaling of things students are grateful for. This can be a simple list or reflections on experiences, people, and opportunities they appreciate. Emphasize the importance of positive emotions and gratitude in well-being.

Reading Recommendations:

  • \”Emotional Intelligence\” by Daniel Goleman: Provides tools and strategies for navigating difficult emotions and building resilience in the face of challenges.

Writing Prompts:

  • \”Dear Future Self…\”: Write a letter to your future self reflecting on your current challenges, hopes, and dreams.
  • \”If I Ruled the World…\”: Imagine you could change one thing about your community or society. Describe your vision and how you would implement it.
  • \”A Day in the Life of…\”: Choose a historical figure or someone you admire and write a fictional story about a day in their life, exploring their thoughts, emotions, and challenges.

Remember, these are just suggestions. Adapt and modify them to fit your specific context and students\’ interests. Encourage creativity, collaboration, and open dialogue to create a safe and supportive space for exploring Social and Emotional skills.


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