The Journey of Exploring My Creativity: Getting Started

The child in me wants to discover the creativity within. So while I read books, reviews and insights and about creative writing prompts, I\’m afraid to start expressing myself and exploring my creativity. What would people say? Or am I good enough to express myself. There are difficulties of writing indeed.

Even when I know that these are my limiting beliefs, it\’s hard to get started. That\’s why the first writing challenge that I give myself is: Who are the people who gave you that limiting belief? The three enemies of your creative self!


But I am taking baby steps to get started on this exploration of my own creativity. The first thing I say to myself is this journey is not just about some high sounding artistic expression—it\’s about personal growth, self-expression, and possibilities to enrich my life.

It all begins with self-reflection—an opportunity to dive deep within and identify your own resistance.

While the high level reason for not starting your journey are: \”I\’m not good enough\” and \”What would people say\” there are people who have given that idea to you. I was probably not born with those two beliefs.

The Three Enemies

As I attempt to write about the three enemies, I\’m also realizing that these people could well be people who are close to you. And they did have noble intentions of setting you right. And they are not really aware of the damage they have done. So, I must forgive them.

The people who influence you early in your life are your parents, siblings, close relatives, neighbours and the teachers at school.

The parents who possibly love you the most, can do the maximum damage. They have their own unresolved traumas and issues that they can pass on to you.

Then there are teachers who tell you to fall in line and not to trouble them. Be a good boy and behave properly. Works for them but that discipline removes your ability to think out of the box for life.

And then there are siblings, relatives and neighbours. They decide what\’s good for you according to their own lenses of success. They badger you with unkind remarks on your bad habits even when they have their own bad habits.

The uncle who always joked around. One of his joke was that I was probably swapped by mistake at the hospital when I was born. It was clear that I was different from the rest of the khandaan. So the mistake at the hospital was indeed a possibility, he laughed. I\’m not sure if he repeated his joke many times. Once was enough to give me an everlasting feeling of \”I don\’t belong here\”.

As he heals,  \'lying there licking his wounds\', 
a sense of comfort alone and by himself, .
...I\'ll be alright if you leave me alone.

 Solitude is a gift, 
Of a getaway from the pain, 
The pain from people you can\'t complain.

As I write this out, I must let out the crying baby and finally laugh at the joke. Very funny, Uncle!

It\’s indeed catharctic to write about the enemies of your creative self. This exercise is not about naming and shaming them. It\’s about forgiving them for your own good. Now you can finally take care of yourself. And explore the creative pursuits of your own life!

I\'m broken, 
That\'s a badge of honor. 

I\'m brave and strong, 
That\'s grace and a no brainer

What about you?

Do you want to engage in self-reflection exercises and prompts to discover your creative inclinations? Through this process, you\’ll uncover the unique passions that define your creative journey.

Congratulations if you have started! You\’ve embarked on a transformative journey of exploring your creativity. Along the way, you\’ll discover the power of self-discovery, curiosity, and cultivating a creative mindset.

As you move forward, embrace the joy of creative exploration. It\’s time to invite others to join you on this incredible journey. Together, we can unleash our creative potential and make the world a more vibrant and inspired place. Let\’s stay kind, stay funny at Elizquidana

Let\’s embark on this journey of \”Exploring My Creativity\” and unleash the magic within.


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