Public Speaking & Communication Skills

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About Course

Course Overview: This course equips students with essential public speaking and communication skills for academic success, personal growth, and future careers. Through interactive activities, workshops, and projects, students will learn to express themselves clearly, listen actively, engage effectively in various communication channels, and build confidence in navigating different communication situations. 

Course Structure:

  • Module 1: Foundations of Communication
    • Understanding the communication process (sender, message, receiver, feedback)
    • Verbal and non-verbal communication (body language, tone of voice)
    • Active listening skills
    • Importance of clarity, conciseness, and coherence

Worksheet: Analyze a famous speech or conversation, identifying elements of effective communication.

Project: Design a communication campaign for a school event or local cause.

  • Module 2: Speaking with Confidence
    • Public speaking: Overcoming stage fright, structuring presentations, using visuals effectively
    • Group discussions: Leading, contributing, managing time, respecting diverse perspectives
    • Debating skills: Constructing arguments, countering points, delivering rebuttals with respect

Worksheet: Create a storyboard for a persuasive presentation on a chosen topic.

Project: Prepare and deliver a short presentation on a topic of personal interest to the class.

Module 3: Creating Impact

  • Module 3: Writing for Impact
    • Effective academic writing: Structuring essays, citing sources, using strong evidence
    • Professional writing: Resumes, cover letters, emails, business reports
    • Creative writing: Exploring different genres, developing voice and style

Worksheet: Analyze a writing sample, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Project: Choose a writing style (essay, poem, report) and create a piece focused on a specific audience and purpose.

  • Module 4: Digital Communication
    • Online etiquette: Netiquette, cyberbullying awareness, responsible social media use
    • Effective email communication: Writing professional emails, avoiding common mistakes
    • Collaboration tools: Utilizing online platforms for teamwork and communication
  • Worksheet: Create a guide for safe and responsible online communication practices.

Project: Design a social media campaign promoting positive communication and empathy in the digital world.


  • Participation in activities and discussions
  • Completion of worksheets and assignments
  • Performance in projects and presentations
  • Self-reflection and growth throughout the course

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to speak in public.
  • Learn to recognize and communicate your talents.

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