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YOGA with LATA is a Navi Mumbai Yoga Studio, located in Kharghar for both online and offline Yoga Classes.

Led by Lata Bhumkar, who is a Government Cerified Yoga Instructor. and Expert in Yoga Therapy for Belly Fat reduction.

Unleash the power of Yoga for Fat Loss

Fat loss with Yoga with Lata

What our yoga trainees have to say about us.

My name is Swasty and I’m 55 years old. Since the pandemic began, online life and the constant screen time and stress took a toll on my sleep, leaving me exhausted. That’s when I discovered Lata ji’s online yoga classes.
Her classes have been a revelation. Not only has Lata ji helped me improve my sleep quality significantly, but she’s also pushed me to achieve things I never thought possible. Just recently, under her guidance, I managed to complete 108 sun salutations (surya namaskars) in just 24 minutes!
What truly sets Lata ji apart is her ability to create a supportive and encouraging environment. Her clear instructions and modifications make her classes accessible to all levels, while her passion for yoga is truly contagious.
If you’re looking for a yoga instructor who can help you improve your sleep, increase your flexibility and strength, and maybe even surprise yourself with your newfound capabilities, then look no further than Yoga with Lata . I highly recommend her classes to anyone seeking a more balanced and fulfilling life.
My name is Ridhi Budhkar i would like to share my experience of doing yoga with Lata since a year the change i found in me is Balance, Embraced Myself beautifully, Unleash my inner strength,Breathe,Body,Mind ,Soul, Elevate my practice positively… Discovered the power within….unlock with full potential…Thank you Dear Lata for guiding us so well Love you… Stay Blessed Always 🙌❤️

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My name is Nikita Thakur. I started yoga classes at Yoga with Lata 6months ago. The classes are both relaxing and challenging. It is for all fitness levels and I like how I can do the exercises and asanas at my own pace and still get a great work out. Lata ji is an amazing instructor, gives good guidance, encouragement and challenges you to do your best. If you want to relieve some stress and improve your health, you will find a path at Yoga with Lata.
I’m Binodine Nayak . I started my journey YOGA WITH LATA from August2023.
Lata’s guidance and support made my willpower strong
I feel flexible and refreshed throughout the day . It increased my focus and concentration also. I heartily thankful to Lata for motivating and encouraging me thank you dear Lata guiding us love you 💓💓

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